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Here I'll give you helpful information on how to make an awesome yard haunt with how-to's, inspiration, and updates on my current projects. These are the components of my haunt, "Mire Cemetery".


A little late on this Halloween stuff, but I've been super busy. Mostly with self-identity stuff like trying to make a game and finding that I wasn't ready to make such a large-scale game (I thought I was ready to be a game developer, but I was wrong). I don't know when I'll feel like editing the Halloween 2014 video. Honestly Halloween is not placed in the same place in my mind anymore. It is interesting to see this happen this way, to look back on something I was so obsessed with and contrast that to how I am now. I've been thinking way more about technology and games now. This was something that I have always been into but after reading some books on the future of technology, I really want to be a part of that.

I will probably be turning out less projects, might get 1-3 done in 2015? And three is optimistic. I still love Halloween in the same way I always have but as I move into the deeper realms of technology, I find I just don't have time to do it all. I really want to break new ground in the tech world. That kind of work is going to require that I spend most/many of my spare moments thinking or working on technology projects or ideas. I need to spend time expanding my knowledge in tech as well as stay creative.

If I could have a superpower it would be to freeze time or something. That way I could do everything I want to do. But time isn't this way and we've gotta deal with that. The way you use time can be beautiful, you can achieve incredible things. The way you use your time matters. Realistically, it's not about freezing time or controlling it. It's about how you use that time as you flow through it, we only travel in one direction in time. We will eventually arrive at our destination, but the journey there matters. The time between now and the end of our lives is what we have control over, where we have the opportunity to make choices. So I say to all of you, flow gloriously through time!


Moving to WA

I will be moving to Washington at the end of June. So, you may not see much from me. And perhaps even a while after I settle down there. Though, I'm not done with making Halloween stuff forever. My near future is just so convoluted that I can't promised new things or even a set up. I eventually do want to have a scripted animatronic show in later years, so my souls still in it, alight by way of tea light!


Halloween 2013 Teaser

Last year I did a teaser but no video because the edited video was lost after a computer crash. I never bothered with it since but I might later. For now, you can expect a short 2013 video. It will be short because I figured that I don't need to have a 10 minute video of a small yard. The video will be as long as it needs to be. Enjoy! Hope you had a great Halloween!


Floodlights FTW

(taken with iPhone 4S)

I put a green and blue floodlight on one side of my driveway. I really like how lighting from one side looks. It creates definite shadows on the other side of props. I chose cold colored lights because the haunt is swamp themed. I also downloaded some swamp sounds from I combined different tracks like the croaking of frogs and muddy footsteps in audacity, exported it as an .mp3 and burned it to a Compact Disk (remember that there's a difference between a CD-R and a CD) with iTunes. The reason it needs to be a CD is because I'm going to be playing it through a CD player on loop. I have thought the atmosphere through a little more this year. I suggest you do the same, you'll end up with a much more cohesive looking haunt. 


Review - 13th floor Colorado

The long lines are something you hardly remember after your finally chased out of the end. I saw common tricks that only true haunters would know like thread hanging from the ceiling.
Ignoring the rules, I poked firmly at the very convincing foam brick walls, they weren't real. Very cool I thought. The walls were amazing but as I continued on the walls became less apparent to me and part of the overall atmosphere. There was tons of atmosphere in this haunt. And a variety of different themes always changing really threw any predictive skills in the fire. In the fire to burn and your left with a great sense of fun, or fear if you're not a haunter or something.
It was hard to take the big animatronics as real because I nearly studied them already online. Nonetheless I think that even if I did, I still wouldn't be scared because we all know a "robot" when we see one. Among the big robots were other big things, some not working as they should (like that spider on a crate pneumatic, it was hibernating). And props. There was a good variety of props, but no shortage of hanging body's. I gave the hanging bodies a nudge to get them swinging for the people behind me because its so much more scary when something like that is moving in strobe light. In one section the floor was slanted at a significant angle and a crazy old lady made use of loud noises to startle folks. As I walked out of that room I heard her say "Watch your step around here!" and I thought, 'I really hope she wasn't instructed to warn that subtly over and over'; just the kind of thing anyone else would wonder... It's a strange experience being a haunter yourself and going through a professional haunt. It's not like going through a home haunt where you can compliment or critique with the creator. Instead you shut up and go along for the ride. While trying to let your mind trick you into thinking its real you may also perhaps analyze or recognize a prop. It's a minor inconvenience on this case because of how well put together it is. My favorite parts were the mirror maze, the spinning tunnel, and the slanted room. These are the sections that further engage the act of fooling your mind into thinking its real. And they were simply fun to walk through. So my final verdict is, if you have not looked at pro haunt props much, then go to this haunt! It's well thought out, put together splendidly, and the actors were great.

Some tips: 1. Buy your tickets online. 2. Get VIP, the line is at least 2 times shorter, but not instant. 3. Be ready to go through with a big group. 4. The haunt is a long walk through (about 45 minutes, it seemed) and indoors with heavy fog. 5. This is the original 13th Floor and the one in Phoenix is not as good

4120 Brighton Blvd
Denver Colorado 80216
United States