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Here I'll give you helpful information on how to make an awesome yard haunt with how-to's, inspiration, and updates on my current projects. These are the components of my haunt, "Mire Cemetery".


Skull speakers!

Finally. I was really excited to get this project started. So far I've gotten the first stage done, shaping. It was a pain but look how great it turned out!

Pumpkinrot 2009 haunt video coming soon...

I have edited a video containing pictures of pumpkinrots' 2009 haunt and I've E-mailed him the video for his consent. It's pretty cool. I should have it ready by the end of today but you never know...


The Ultimate Monster in a Box

If only you could get these results with a home made prop. You probably could but I'm sure it's quite difficult. I mean you have to factor in the programing, the required pneumatics, the durability, and the skill required to do it. Don't get me wrong I'm loving the realisticness of it but it is a project of the worthy, the pros. But don't be discouraged. If you think you can do it and your confident, do it. Just make sure you have the time and money for it. That's what makes YOUR yard haunt your haunt. The more time and money you spend the better it is. Sometimes you can get lucky and get a cheap but good looking prop. But in the end it all comes down to learning from your mistakes and moving on. Whoops. Got a little carried away there. Anyways, if you want to talk to me about it just comment.


Mini-pumpkin how to


1. Tin foil
2. Paper Clay (Paper Clay works best)
3. Orange, black (optional), and black paint
4. Aerosol varnish or sealer (optional)


1. Ball up the tin foil roughly to the shape you want it to be. You can also shape your stem but that all depends on how long you want it to be.
2. Get a clump of clay roughly the 1/3 the size of your tin foil armature.
3. Shape your jack'. Remember to make your features slightly over exaggerated because when you paint it some details will be lost.
4. Paint it. Brush brown paint over the entire thing. Now paint the head orange. I find a mix of brown and orange to better suite my pumpkins. You can also paint the the eyes and mouth black
5. Seal it. Cover the stem in tin foil so it's not glossy or use matte sealer. Spray it in short bursts (outside).

Final Product:

One devious little jack'. One cool thing you could do is install a fake candle. It's a great gift.

What is it?

More about this next.

Cool haunt

I have a theory. Put strobe lights at multiple angles to make it look like it's moving. This video esentuates that. I don't remember when I first saw this method used but I've had this theory for years.



I haven't posted about my props at all lately but I assure you I have been busy. With Halloween props that is. Meanwhile check out this cool game. Thanks rot(Pumpkinrot).


Quite helpful

Not the part about the bottles but the part about the springs.


It's (not) alive

Curse my memory for not remembering that paint drys lighter than when it's when you're painting. I know. Dumb. Know what's dumber? I used the rest of my black acrylic paint in the process. Sorry but I'm going to have to put this groundbreaker on hold for a while.