You new?

Here I'll give you helpful information on how to make an awesome yard haunt with how-to's, inspiration, and updates on my current projects. These are the components of my haunt, "Mire Cemetery".


Cauldron plan change

I forgot to post that my plans for the witch project had changed. Obviously. I had later decided to base this project almost completely on Devil's Chariot's Cauldron Creep.


Spinal Cord

I've just finished shaping his spine. At first when I was doing his back it didn't look right and I didn't know why. But it's looking a lot better now.


Huge transformation

My first Pumpkinrot-inspired ground breaker has come a very long way since I last posted about it. The ribs have been covered completly and so has the back. I stuffed him with plastic bags which are OK considering it may ruin indents but they're very easy to obtain.

My "Cauldron Creep"

I started the legs of my witch or creep project a few weeks ago and it sat in my room until now. Today I completed the PVC part of this project. I redid the knees with clay because balled-up tin foil wraped in duct tape just wasn't working well enough. The left marionette arm was simple. I driled holes into each end of the PVC and looped rope through the holes. Very simple.

And the legs...