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Here I'll give you helpful information on how to make an awesome yard haunt with how-to's, inspiration, and updates on my current projects. These are the components of my haunt, "Mire Cemetery".


Groundbreaker 2 progress

Looking back...

It's funny how fast you can change your game. This was a prop I made a couple years ago.(it has a red christmas light inside of it and the hair was made from a belt)

And then it evolves into this.

Thank you Pumpkinrot.


Plans and Thoughts about 2010's Halloween

2010 Halloween is going to be difficult theme to acomplish. A cave... That's right a cave. The absolute worst thing you can do but I'm doin' it. Why is it so bad? Well the main reason is the cost. It's going to be pretty tough and costly to make a cave. I'm going to try to have it go from the side entry of my backyard, through the backyard, into the back door, through the house and back out to the front yard. Have I asked my parents to... No. Will I? Maybe. I do not want to freak out my mom with the expenses. Yet. I'm going to take it easy this year. In fact I'll probably just do a standard, themeless yard haunt this year if this doesn't work out. Over this year I will be slowly accumulating all that is needed for this cave themed haunt. Wood, burlap, and erosion cloth. I need permision. "Mom"...