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Here I'll give you helpful information on how to make an awesome yard haunt with how-to's, inspiration, and updates on my current projects. These are the components of my haunt, "Mire Cemetery".


Review - 13th floor Colorado

The long lines are something you hardly remember after your finally chased out of the end. I saw common tricks that only true haunters would know like thread hanging from the ceiling.
Ignoring the rules, I poked firmly at the very convincing foam brick walls, they weren't real. Very cool I thought. The walls were amazing but as I continued on the walls became less apparent to me and part of the overall atmosphere. There was tons of atmosphere in this haunt. And a variety of different themes always changing really threw any predictive skills in the fire. In the fire to burn and your left with a great sense of fun, or fear if you're not a haunter or something.
It was hard to take the big animatronics as real because I nearly studied them already online. Nonetheless I think that even if I did, I still wouldn't be scared because we all know a "robot" when we see one. Among the big robots were other big things, some not working as they should (like that spider on a crate pneumatic, it was hibernating). And props. There was a good variety of props, but no shortage of hanging body's. I gave the hanging bodies a nudge to get them swinging for the people behind me because its so much more scary when something like that is moving in strobe light. In one section the floor was slanted at a significant angle and a crazy old lady made use of loud noises to startle folks. As I walked out of that room I heard her say "Watch your step around here!" and I thought, 'I really hope she wasn't instructed to warn that subtly over and over'; just the kind of thing anyone else would wonder... It's a strange experience being a haunter yourself and going through a professional haunt. It's not like going through a home haunt where you can compliment or critique with the creator. Instead you shut up and go along for the ride. While trying to let your mind trick you into thinking its real you may also perhaps analyze or recognize a prop. It's a minor inconvenience on this case because of how well put together it is. My favorite parts were the mirror maze, the spinning tunnel, and the slanted room. These are the sections that further engage the act of fooling your mind into thinking its real. And they were simply fun to walk through. So my final verdict is, if you have not looked at pro haunt props much, then go to this haunt! It's well thought out, put together splendidly, and the actors were great.

Some tips: 1. Buy your tickets online. 2. Get VIP, the line is at least 2 times shorter, but not instant. 3. Be ready to go through with a big group. 4. The haunt is a long walk through (about 45 minutes, it seemed) and indoors with heavy fog. 5. This is the original 13th Floor and the one in Phoenix is not as good

4120 Brighton Blvd
Denver Colorado 80216
United States


Review - "The Raven"

"The Raven" is a very clever explanation of Edgar Alan Poe's poems and life. The stories all come to life as Edgar realizes that all his dark works are a burden upon himself. It was a movie that left me in a state of awe but also deep thought. I think that those two states of mind don't sound well together however, I am not sure how to explain my reaction better than that. Please go see it and please, purchase/rent it because this writing (script/movie writing) originates from a genius.


Dream Log 1

Ok. I know this will be weird for some of you but I feel like I need to write this dream down and perhaps you can tell me if you recognize that last part. I had it pretty close to waking up so I remember everything about the dream but I'll try to keep it brief.
It started out with a bunch of swimmers on a team (because I was on a swim team in high school recently) and mostly there were people that weren't on the team originally but they were just random kids at my school. So for some reason the indoor (Not indoor at my school) pool was frozen over and I was standing on the side watching people walk on the ice and some of them sunk through some of them didn't. Not sure what what all of this was about but I guess it was some sort of bridge for the rest of the dream because it didn't really mean anything. So I guess the whole time everyone was supposed to be doing a lap or two and I was little late so I started my lap and the pool was suddenly unfrozen and the water temperature wasn't noticeable to me. I was swimming with this girl, that has a very bad attitude at school IRL and I think if she met me (because we don't know each other) she would probably hate me, but she started talking about how people were lazy and swim and we did a lap together, she beat me. So after all this we met in one of the gyms that were interconnected with the swim pool another gyms. I sat down and I saw this overweight lady talking to my coach, she was concerned about her swimsuit not covering up the tattoos. But later she went up in front of all of us and took off everything except for her swimsuit and she was covered in tattoos and there was about five around here upper body that were just women with huge breasts that looks like hookers. She said things like "I wasn't actually a hooker when I was younger (she was dismissing that as a reason for the tattoos), I was a bit of a goth. Can you guys handle seeing all of this?" Right, so this is also a really weird part of the dream I'm not sure what this was about either but then I guess I or she or someone randomly said "What was the best night of her life?" and I was taken to this glitchy cut scene like you would see in a videogame (I watched some video game trailers last night) of this girl in a sort of medium warehouse running towards a small room expecting to get past the man standing next to the room but as soon as she got up there and faced the man, the man bent down and cut her stomach open in one smooth movement and then the moving part of this dream happened. The girl was lying there with her innards falling out of her body and with her last dying breaths she said was something like: "Hello minor. Your medication was poisoned." And the minor fell dead on the girls body. That's where the dream ended.
How mysterious. And I would be delighted to know what happened before that and how she knew he was going to die. I have this enormous feeling that that last part did not come from my mind. It must come from a book or movie. I've tried looking up that quote but nothing came up... Weird stuff... Anyways, I never felt scared, or anything really, in this dream. I was always calm and I should note that I went to bed pretty late (after I had watch journey 2, which must have sparked my imagination to actually have a dream because I usually don't dream) with the sound of my fan making a constant clicking noise and I thought "That sound could bother but it doesn't," and I was soon asleep.


iPad 3 = Better 2012 footage

For the last couple of years I've been working with a 720p $170 camcorder and a 1Ghz laptop. Well now I have an iPad 3 (or the "New iPad") which brings higher quality recording (even in low light) and better editing software (iMovie & iPhoto). So this year you can expect clearer videos and pictures and they will look less ameteur. Now, if only YouTube preserved the quality of videos better... I may just use Vimeo. Yeah, that sounds nice, doesn't it?


How to Make Rotten Easter Eggs

Yes, I went there. Halloween on Easter... I just wanted to do something small to fill the gap between now and the summer. In the summer I'll be working on Halloween stuff along with learning various things. (like Java code) So, I hope you all had a fantastic Easter and will have an even better Halloween!
1. Boil egg(s) for 8 minutes
2. Get toilet paper and paint/strong Easter dye
3. Paint a dark color with medium viscosity paint. This will serve as the glue for the paper.
4. Apply toilet paper, making sure to make vile-looking wrinkles. Paint again with dark paint.

5. Let it dry. Then paint with a sick green or lighter color.
6. You could stop and let it dry here or you could continue painting with subtle yellows/green-yellows.
7. (optional) Bury it under normal Easter eggs and freak someone out.
Note: whenever your aren't working on it or are away, put it in the fridge. It will still dry in the fridge.


The Real Nightmare.

Toothaches. Ibuprofen. Never again.

Please Join me in this Battle!

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A Tribute is Due

I feel the need to create a prop in tribute of John. He was a great amount of inspiration to me and probably many of you. I was shocked to read his last post. At first, at least. Then my eyes flooded as I continued to read. He was a very strong individual with great motivation and passion. He's the ideal haunter. The kind that's originality is beyond me and creativity is above average.
I do hope he gets to the stream on the other side. We love you, John!
~Dark Carver

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