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Here I'll give you helpful information on how to make an awesome yard haunt with how-to's, inspiration, and updates on my current projects. These are the components of my haunt, "Mire Cemetery".



The swamp stood for ages. Never disturbed by man, until recently of course. Some have reported strangely shaped bite marks. They said it came from a plant. There has also been very rare cases in which some have claimed to have witnessed the death of another by falling into large containers. Very little samples have been able to be taken. And the samples that have survived have been too damaged, have deteriorated, or lack credibility. Almost all who have came out of this swamp have been delirious to some degree so little of what they say can be credible. A small number of people who live near the proximity of the swamp have gone missing. But there are many possible reasons for their vanishments...
Carnarbuscula 1
Carnarbuscula 2
Carnarbuscula 3
Carnarbuscula only stands about 3 feet tall. The pictures above may have made it seem much taller. Do you want a tutorial? Email me or leave a comment below.


Bog Sketch

Bog Sketch
This was an exercise to practice my drawing skills on the computer and to explore how to draw certain elements. If I draw a couple more of these, I may be able to sketch new ideas fluently.

That time has come.

The before stated time to start building has come! I have finished Carnarbuscula. Carnarbuscula is the name I have chosen for my first carnivorous plant prop. I have yet to make a functional base for it to stand on it's own though. In the next post, I will post a picture of it.

But now I want to talk about what's next. Truth is, I don't think it's a good idea to start any more new props. I already have about three or four props that have yet to receive enough attention to be finished. So for now, I will be focusing on the witch prop and a couple other small projects. I'm excited to finally be back though guys!


Some Sci-Fi I wrote

I felt the need to share this short story. I think it's alright.

Robta II
-The metal gear around his neck rhythmically tapped against the metal body of his newest project as he polished it. The gear was from his grandfather. He died in a fire along with all of his detailed work on robotics and artificial minds. Phyx was to finish what his grandfather started.
-His hair, that was a bit greasy from lack of wash, slightly swayed and his nose started to drip with sweat as he struggled to move the heavy robot with his weak arms. Robta had a body and a skull but no brain. It needed one to put all of the complex coded commands into action. But Phyx was already hard at work with the series of stacked circuit boards that served as the brain. One final solder and he clipped the finished brain into the skull and plugged it into the wall. He quickly booted up his computer, which looked like an experiment with it's myriad of accessories connected to it, and typed in a command. Robta's eyes glowed blue with loyalty and readiness only a robot could show. Phyx was optimistic and excited. So much so, that he made a few typos in the next command. The robot rose and said, "Hello. How may I assist you?". Phyx mumbled "Can't wait until it understands speech.", and typed a reply into the computer. It's torso smoothly fell and it picked up a cable. "Looks like it works.", Phyx said finally. After months of training Robta, Phyx realized something. It would never be able to think for itself. It would never really do the things he was teaching it on it's own. Phyx suddenly wished his grandpa's books weren't destroyed.
-The idea was beyond belief. An artificial brain that thought for itself, had it's own mind, made decisions, formed opinions, and was compatible with other human beings. It was a lot to handle. It was also a lot to create. Phyx considered quitting a few times but then remembered why he'd even started. His grandfather would be proud of how far he has come.
-He had it. The bug, the drive to tackle this near impossible task. He studied the human brain and all of it's abilities. Then he went into the always painful, designing process. He sat and contemplated for weeks on end until he almost broke, almost went crazy. Then it suddenly hit him like a punch to the stomach. He almost hated himself for not thinking of it in the first place. He began gathering materials and tools to build the greatest device man has ever known, he hoped.
-The new brain was to be virtual. It would "live" inside of a simple but powerful computer shaped like a cube. It would be able to calculate immense problems almost instantaneously and perform all of the functions a typical human brain could. A good brain deserved a good body so he used advanced technology to make its movement as perfect as possible. Phyx spent about a year constructing it all ever so carefully. In all that time he did nothing else. He was very disconnected. He rarely talked to anyone except when he needed something for Robta II. That took a toll on him. Phyx was a robot by now, a slave to the building of his new metal friend.
-It was finished. Finally! He started it up for the first time and it's eyes glowed even brighter than before. Robta II had a more intelligent and clear voice. "Hello Phyx. How may I assist you?", it said. "Tell me what 334 squared multiplied by 4 to the 5th power equals.",Phyx said with hope. "7485.127", Robta replied and almost cut him off. "Whoa." , came a whisper not of Phyx or Robta. Phyx whipped around in sup prize to see the glimpse of a man run out of the doorway. He ran to the door and looked down the hall. Nothing, he was gone. Phyx shrugged, closed the door and, taught the robot all night until it he was too tired. Phyx forgot something before he went to bed. He couldn't figure it out before sleep trapped him.
-Phyx woke to a chilled room with some breeze. The window was open. And Robta was gone! Phyx jumped out of bed and turned on the news. He saw pictures of Robta every where. On every channel! And they all read the same thing, crime. Phyx frantically ran to his computer and typed a command that told Robta to come back home. Robta was in the middle of smashing the hood of a car and stopped, turned, and started running towards home. Phyx anxiously waited and eventually the robot came through the door and onto it's charging pad. Phyx's robot had just committed a crime.
-He was nearly trembling with fear, and hoping police wouldn't bust through the door and arrest him. The police were strict these days. If you even looked at them funny they would try to punish you for it. In such a big and technologically advanced they needed the enforcement. Such a big city and I bet not one person would help him. Ironically there was help. Right at his door.
-Knock! Knock! Knock! Phyx got out of his desk and cracked open the door. He looked like a normal citizen though, he was old. The man peeped in but Phyx closed the door slightly more. "Hi. I'm the guy you saw the other day, At the door. I saw what you made. That thing's incredible!", the man said with excitement. "Alright what do you want? Money? The robot? Because I'd be more than will-" "No. No. I... Want to help you.", the man said with hesitation. "Um. Oh-Kay? I wasn't expecting that." "Of course you didn't." The man mumbled quietly. "What was that?", Phyx said curiously. "Nothing, just talking to myself." "Well... You can come in." Phyx opened the door and the man stepped in. "May I see the robot?", the man said. "Yeah. Let me just get on my computer." Phyx said and started typing code. The man slyly creeped up behind Phyx, grabbed his hands and, handcuffed him all in one smooth movement and said, "Didn't expect that either, did ya?".
-He sat in a cell cursing at himself. He started thinking of a way to get out when the officer who arrested him came to the cell. "I'm still helping you.", said the man knowingly. "What? How? Do you really think I'm a criminal?" Phyx said defensively. "No. Think about it. If I hadn't taken you in, you could've been arrest by someone else or killed. I'm giving you a chance to redeem yourself. A chance to erase all of this and turn it all around. Maybe even make you famous. I'll be taking you to court tomorrow and you can prove yourself there." Phyx looked at the man. Something seen oddly familiar about him but before he could figure it out he turned. And started to walk away. As he did he said quietly and mysteriously, "You always have.". "Have what?", but he kept walking and turned the corner. "Have what!", Phyx screamed desperately. He sat helpless in the cell and lied down to try to get some sleep.
-There was a house. It was dark outside but well lit by a fire. The house was on fire. Phyx sat helplessly locked in a car while large streams of water from firefighters disappeared into the fire. It kind of looked like... his grandfathers house! A flaming man hit the car window and fell to the ground. Phyx opened the now unlocked door and ran out to help the man. "Vox! Grandpa!" He said patting out the flames but it was too late. Vox managed to squeeze out a couple words, "You've always proved yoursel-". He woke up to loud clanking sound. "Hey wake up!", a police officer said impatiently. "Where's Vox?", Phyx said immediately. "Who?" Said the cop confused. "My grandfather!". "Not here. You OK?", the cop looked at him in a kind of scared way. "I'm fine. When do I go to court?". "You go in 20 minutes", the cop said still a little scared.
-The commute to the court made him a bit nervous. There was an angry crowd on each side of the street to the court. When he got into the court there was a nervous buzz amongst the jury. He took his seat, vowed, and the trial began. When it was his turn to speak, he remembered his grandfather. "Say what you may but I know what I've done. I've created a machine. Not just any machine but a thinking machine. Despite what it- He has done, I know that there (somewhere in that little virtual mind of his) he has a heart. But he's also very curious. And the act all of you saw was of pure curiosity. Nothing else. Not evil. Not anger. This can be fixed. This robot can help all of you. It can help the entire world.", he looked up at the camera then at the jury. They wanted more. "I will workout the kinks and the blueprints will be given to a company and mass produced to make this a better world. This will all work, just give me the chance." The judge looked at Phyx with doubt. The jury started to yell things like, "Give him a chance! He can do it!" The judge said, "OK. OK! I give you permission to do so. But if you slip up again, that's it. Court dismissed." He was safe. It was all over. He felt relieved as he got up and started on his way. But something caught his eye in the jury. It was a man, an old man. It kind of looked like, no. It couldn't- it was. He quickly walked toward him and saw Vox. Up close and personal. "Vox... thank you.", he said with a hint of honor. They hugged and went there separate ways. There was no reason for them to be close. Vox taught him everything he possibly could. And that was, perseverance.
-Phyx got to be widely known and became the name of a leading robot manufacturer. Phyx denied any deals with the companies and worked diligently on perfecting the humanoid robot. Vox's works were rewritten and published in "Robosychology" . All in all, they made the world a safer and more productive place and thus the world could again, focus on new innovations and explore everything to be explored.