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Here I'll give you helpful information on how to make an awesome yard haunt with how-to's, inspiration, and updates on my current projects. These are the components of my haunt, "Mire Cemetery".


For all you iPad users...

Halloween iPad apps! You might have seen these already but no matter.


Currently editing '10 video!

I'm working on it guys and I can't wait to release it! Stay tuned!

Paper Clay How To Coming Soon...

I decided to try making paper clay since it's expensive. It was worth it. Right now I'm drying some paper clay that ended up being too wet. Man it feels great, like silk clay. Here's the how to I very roughly followed. I would suggest only making a bowl-full of it. It will take a while to get it right. How to Make Paper Clay


Props to admire: Gourdzilla

This giant puppet was created by Halloween Zombie out of PVC and a lot of trial and error.
Courtesy of: Halloween Zombie


New stuff coming

I admit it. I totally forgot about this blog! I recently got an iPad and it so incredible it's distracting me. I'm sorry about the broken promises last time about new content but you know, our lives must inevitably change. In fact I've been leaning away from Halloween lately... Weird. All hope is not lost though guys I'm gonna get back in the game. And I'll start by starting to work on the 2010 season video this week and week-end. This will be my first haunt, so be kind. There was a lot of empty spots... You'll see soon.
Stay scary!
Dark Carver


The Nest

I went to the nest last weekend and it was great. I'm a little sad though. I had already seen a lot of the props and setups. A lot of it wasn't original. Like the dot room and vortex tunnel. I don't like that. Oh well. Anyways I had a great time walking around in the dark, screwing around, and admiring props.

But I've learned something. I need to be original. Every one needs to. Even you. I'm gunna get building now.




One new prop is on the way (Huge Carnivorous plant) and the second groundbreakers arm is repaired. I'll probably be done with the plant by Friday and paint up the groundbreaker this weekend.


Not so busy lately

I admit it I have totally wandered out of the haunting zone and into the pit of doom (time wasting activities like YouTube) this summer. I hate it as much as you hate checking back at this site only to discover you've wasted your time and nothing is new. But I've recently been getting busy and I have organized the tasks that need to be done by when the materials are available. For example, the couldron creep will not be done until about mid-november when I can snatch up a bag-o-bones. The Giant Mutant Crustacean won't be done until October or November because I need a motor, lights, some kind of chord or string, and some latex paint. Oh yeah. I don't think I told you about that... I'm planning a giant lobster for this years haunt. It will be around 4'6" tall and I even have a rough sketch of this beast (I even have a blueprint for the construction but that can wait). I think it will be a HUGE hit this year.


An old friend friend revealed

I realized that I hadn't uploaded any pictures of my Mire Scarecrow. Heres a picture of him after a recent reinforcement.


Props to admire: Roots

"Sometimes known to ingest larger animals."

Courtesy of: Pumpkinrot

Props to admire: Gorus

I have decided to start posting props and costumes that I like and tagging them so there easy to find. I'll start with a costume. An amazing, over sized, and detailed has lifted my spirit a bit and its' name is "Gorus".

Courtesy of: Gore Galore


Fog Chiller for 2010

I thought I'd start out the building season with something simple and essential. A fog chiller. I used Got's design. If you are to do this project use Valspar black plasic paint ($5) instead of spray paint.


Second Groundbreaker Update: 3

This groundbreaker looks cool without an arm but, thats not what I was going for. PVC has been inserted. He'll be fine.


Second groundbreaker photo update: 1

I'll post the picture with the text next time.

Need more motivation

I realy need to start kicking it into high gear right now. I mean I have an entire summer in front of me and so far, I could have been more productive. I'll start to get back into it by sketching and imagining props and the haunts. I will not have wasted my summer.


Second groundbreaker (text) update

I just finished adding "skin" to the torso of my second groundbreaker and it looks pretty good. This is the first time I have made skin for a prop. You'll understand what I mean by "skin" in the next post.

Updated prologue

The Mire Cemetery has been sitting dormant for nearly two centuries. During this time a lot has changed. When the cemetery was constructed no one had cared to look past thick foliage concealing a swamp. After a while, drought diminished the swamps water and something peeked above the mire. In recent times all of this “something” was revealed and this land was abandoned. No one knows why.

I'm not so shure about putting this in front of the haunt... I just kind of have it to help me with the back story of this haunt. It's one of many of my guide lines that I must follow.


Prologue Snippet

"The Mire Cemetery has been sitting dormant for nearly two centuries. During this time a lot has changed. When the cemetery was constructed no one had cared to look past the thick foliage concealing a swamp...."

Yes, I Have Been Busy.

I haven't posted anything in weeks but i've been working and being productive. I've repaired a few props and started planning. "WOW! You're actually organized for once!". Yes and if you look at the post above you can see a snippet of my prologue.


Groundbreaker How-to Coming...

I will have a groundbreaker how-to coming as soon as I finish the one I'm working on now. I think I have enough experience to do so. So keep your eyes peeled (not literaly).


Groundbreaker 2 progress

Looking back...

It's funny how fast you can change your game. This was a prop I made a couple years ago.(it has a red christmas light inside of it and the hair was made from a belt)

And then it evolves into this.

Thank you Pumpkinrot.


Plans and Thoughts about 2010's Halloween

2010 Halloween is going to be difficult theme to acomplish. A cave... That's right a cave. The absolute worst thing you can do but I'm doin' it. Why is it so bad? Well the main reason is the cost. It's going to be pretty tough and costly to make a cave. I'm going to try to have it go from the side entry of my backyard, through the backyard, into the back door, through the house and back out to the front yard. Have I asked my parents to... No. Will I? Maybe. I do not want to freak out my mom with the expenses. Yet. I'm going to take it easy this year. In fact I'll probably just do a standard, themeless yard haunt this year if this doesn't work out. Over this year I will be slowly accumulating all that is needed for this cave themed haunt. Wood, burlap, and erosion cloth. I need permision. "Mom"...


Trick r' Treat

I saw Trick r' Treat last night. It was fantastic! Why didn't Warner release this in theaters? They should've. I've seen some pretty bad movies in theaters but I can't see why this would be one of them.

A New Addition to The Family

The first skull speaker is done.

It is also glow in the dark but It's sort of hard to photograph.



This is the year every one. We've all been waiting and trying hard for a good year. Well ladies and gentlemen, I believe this is that year. I hope all you lazy slow pokes are working hard. I know I am. And if your not in the mood, this should do it.

Let yourself be inspired. Don't fight it. Now build!


Skull speakers!

Finally. I was really excited to get this project started. So far I've gotten the first stage done, shaping. It was a pain but look how great it turned out!

Pumpkinrot 2009 haunt video coming soon...

I have edited a video containing pictures of pumpkinrots' 2009 haunt and I've E-mailed him the video for his consent. It's pretty cool. I should have it ready by the end of today but you never know...


The Ultimate Monster in a Box

If only you could get these results with a home made prop. You probably could but I'm sure it's quite difficult. I mean you have to factor in the programing, the required pneumatics, the durability, and the skill required to do it. Don't get me wrong I'm loving the realisticness of it but it is a project of the worthy, the pros. But don't be discouraged. If you think you can do it and your confident, do it. Just make sure you have the time and money for it. That's what makes YOUR yard haunt your haunt. The more time and money you spend the better it is. Sometimes you can get lucky and get a cheap but good looking prop. But in the end it all comes down to learning from your mistakes and moving on. Whoops. Got a little carried away there. Anyways, if you want to talk to me about it just comment.


Mini-pumpkin how to


1. Tin foil
2. Paper Clay (Paper Clay works best)
3. Orange, black (optional), and black paint
4. Aerosol varnish or sealer (optional)


1. Ball up the tin foil roughly to the shape you want it to be. You can also shape your stem but that all depends on how long you want it to be.
2. Get a clump of clay roughly the 1/3 the size of your tin foil armature.
3. Shape your jack'. Remember to make your features slightly over exaggerated because when you paint it some details will be lost.
4. Paint it. Brush brown paint over the entire thing. Now paint the head orange. I find a mix of brown and orange to better suite my pumpkins. You can also paint the the eyes and mouth black
5. Seal it. Cover the stem in tin foil so it's not glossy or use matte sealer. Spray it in short bursts (outside).

Final Product:

One devious little jack'. One cool thing you could do is install a fake candle. It's a great gift.

What is it?

More about this next.

Cool haunt

I have a theory. Put strobe lights at multiple angles to make it look like it's moving. This video esentuates that. I don't remember when I first saw this method used but I've had this theory for years.



I haven't posted about my props at all lately but I assure you I have been busy. With Halloween props that is. Meanwhile check out this cool game. Thanks rot(Pumpkinrot).


Quite helpful

Not the part about the bottles but the part about the springs.


It's (not) alive

Curse my memory for not remembering that paint drys lighter than when it's when you're painting. I know. Dumb. Know what's dumber? I used the rest of my black acrylic paint in the process. Sorry but I'm going to have to put this groundbreaker on hold for a while.