You new?

Here I'll give you helpful information on how to make an awesome yard haunt with how-to's, inspiration, and updates on my current projects. These are the components of my haunt, "Mire Cemetery".


Cauldron plan change

I forgot to post that my plans for the witch project had changed. Obviously. I had later decided to base this project almost completely on Devil's Chariot's Cauldron Creep.


Spinal Cord

I've just finished shaping his spine. At first when I was doing his back it didn't look right and I didn't know why. But it's looking a lot better now.


Huge transformation

My first Pumpkinrot-inspired ground breaker has come a very long way since I last posted about it. The ribs have been covered completly and so has the back. I stuffed him with plastic bags which are OK considering it may ruin indents but they're very easy to obtain.

My "Cauldron Creep"

I started the legs of my witch or creep project a few weeks ago and it sat in my room until now. Today I completed the PVC part of this project. I redid the knees with clay because balled-up tin foil wraped in duct tape just wasn't working well enough. The left marionette arm was simple. I driled holes into each end of the PVC and looped rope through the holes. Very simple.

And the legs...


Stage 4

I finished the ribs. One thing I learned about ribs is that it's hard to figure out the spacing.

Nearly oposite

It feels weird working on projects so close to Thanksgiving and Christmas. I mean it's not like I don't want to it's just that I feel like it's wrong to be all out Halloween mode during other holidays. But of course this is just a thought filed (ordered in most to least important) far behind Halloween in the filing cabinet of my head.


New jelly stinger jar.

Tonight I finished my jellyfish stinger project and I have to say it turned pretty good. I didn't expect it to turn out so well.
(The only reason this picture looks ok is because I edited it.)

New Pumpkinrot inspired ground breaker

Well, It's not exactly all new. I'm using the head I built before 09's Halloween. The body is made completely out of tape, news paper, and wire (I even used copper electrical wire). The ribcage hasn't been started yet because I'm still studying them. The main technique I used was wrapping CRUMPLED news paper around wire. Crumpling it will make it flow better and will make it easier to mache later. I basically first made a "t" out of the cardboard tubing found on a wire hanger and a long mache pulp cylinder. After the mache cylinder was dry I taped the cardboard tube to it. DO NOT USE DUCT TAPE for this project. It tends to slowly unstick and move. Just don't use it. Anyways, the rest of the body was made by wrapping wire with news paper. Remember to tightly tape the arms with masking tape or (if you want) duct tape. Duct tape actually works pretty good for this but really nothing else.
Here are some pictures of it so far.

And a view of the hand.

I actually stayed up until 2:00 or 3:00am last night making his arms and hand.


Having trouble...

I need your help. I'm working on the cauldron mechanism and I'm having trouble with controlling the speed of this motor:

I'd say it goes about 45 to 50 rpm.That end cap on the motor comes off but I don't have any gears that fit on it.

I've tried this already but it spins WAY too slow.

Please submit any suggestions or solutions by clicking "comment".


Am I being unrealistic? (I know am)

OK I've been looking at these guys for a few years. Even though they're EXTREMELY expensive I still ponder about buying one some how. 2,410 dollars! I'm not even 18! And lets be real. The only way I'll be able to get one is by saving up money. Even though it will take YEARS, I'm still willing to do it.And yes you're probably thinking "What's so amazing about what he's talking about?" Just watch.

Do you understand now?
(By the way I don't want both. Just one. And they're both fantastic so It would be hard to choose. By the time I can afford one they'll probably be gone.)


Haunted Tiki Island

Hey! Go here when you're done.

Even more homemade

I'm thinking about making my own music for Halloween. Just record some rattling chains, some monster groans, and some water drop sounds and your good to go. Or am I? I've never really even researched this before but I might pull it off. If you know anything about this let me know.



Amazing props and atmosphere. Everything just seems, balanced.

Cauldron project coming soon...

I've decided to make a cauldron and two witches for 2010's Halloween. The cauldron will feature a motor (to power the stirring system) and a small see through pocket for a black light to light up the whitener I will be filling up the cauldron. The main problem will be making the stirring mechanism water proof. I will be basing my cauldron on "Andrew manor"'s 2004 cauldrin( and I will be basing the stirring mechanism on uhh... this persons "bubbling brew" prop (


Close up

Halloween 09'

Well my yard haunt this year was great. It was way better due to my new scarecrow. He looked great. We had a strobe light on him (the "cannon dj stobe" or whatever it's called) and glow sticks in his head. I actually got a few comments about the whole yard and scarecrow. One thing I learned last night is not to stand right in front of the fog machine because It's not good for you. I'll have some pictures of it in a wile.


Practice makes perfect.

You know, Halloween's an opportunity to show off your evil side and show how vast your imagination is. I've only just started yard haunting and I've already learned this. I once asked some one:"I've been building Halloween props but I just can't seem to find my style." He replied saying: "You'll find your style just keep trying. Practice makes perfect." I completely believe him.


I've been working on a scarecrow that's based off of Pumpkinrot's 2003 scarecrow on his "scarecrows" page. I'll have pictures of it so far very soon.