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Here I'll give you helpful information on how to make an awesome yard haunt with how-to's, inspiration, and updates on my current projects. These are the components of my haunt, "Mire Cemetery".



Yard Haunter

Sculpting and painting and hammering nails,
This is the life I live.
Working as hard as I can, on my free time.
I plan, obsess. I need to get it right,
Because it was meant to look scary to them, not me.

Planning and moving and contemplating,
This is the life I live.
I am like an artist, trying to perfect the picture.
Getting that prop to pose just right.
That light's aimed the wrong way
and that streetlight overpowers everything.

Jumping and chasing and popping out.
This is the life I live.
The children walk carefully through the haunt
and the screams are music to my ears.
Me and my family chasing and startling them.